Monday, April 15, 2013

Monday Blues and New Artwork .

Salam....Happy Monday..
Monday Blues eah? Dont be demotivated in the first day of work lah. Be energetic and productive!

Its been a while. Im currently have full commitment on my studies and I dont have enough time to update my "unsuperable" blog. So..hows your weekend? my weekend is full with test..DUHHH =__="...

SO back to the topic. I'm currently involve in the biggest project this semester and I'm the sub sub sub sub bureau of this project. This project called Pre Graduation Night. The event is the 'most wanted' event for Part 8 student from every faculty. The main objective of this event is to celebrate the last semester in the university besides creating a memorable moment during studies at university.

So as a sub sub sub sub committee. I come out with the teaser poster of the events.

AND THIS ONE IS REJECTED.. AHHA :P to go..Cant wait for this event. And I cant wait to spend money to buy such corporate suit. I will look much more handsome after this.. MUAHHHAHAHA.