Saturday, October 26, 2013

Realistic Pokemon Pokeball Concept By Jonathanjo

Happy weekend everyone. It's been a while. I wanna talk about my childhood story. Everyone has their own cartoon interest. For example.. Ultraman, power rangers erm.. Digimon and so on. For me, the best cartoon that I love the most is Pokémon. Why? It is because.. I learned so much friendship value in this cartoon. And I have to admit that I still watch Pokémon series.. haha

So back to the topic, I really 'shazamed' with the artwork that Jonathanjo produced. It was like, Pokémon really do exist in this world. These are some artwork that he did. :)

Interesting. Isn't ? He has done a really good job in manipulating poke-ball with Pokémon. I think he should continue this awesome concept. For more, artwork update and shop you can visit the links below :

Deviantart :
Facebook Page :
Store/Boutique :

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And check out my first ever Adobe Illustrator Tutorial here ! : How To Make Retro Folded Typography in Just 3 Steps !

So that's all from me. Cheerio!

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

How to Create Retro Folded Typography in 3 Simple Steps !

Assalamualaikum and greetings fellas. As I promise earlier, I will make a simple tutorial for retro folded typography. So, this is actually my first attempt to do a tutorial. Hope you'll understand !


To create a new document, click File > New or Cntrl+N. Name your file as “Retro Folded Typography”, enter 750px in both width and height options. Click advance button and change color mode to RGB and Screen (72 ppi). Click OK to continue.


To enable the grid, hit View>Show Grid or Cntrl+”


To create alphabet ‘A’, you must follow six steps. To make it easy, you can choose View > Snap to Grid.
1)    Drag 28 x 8px in your artboard using Rectangle Tool on the left toolbar or (M).
2)    Create half 8x8px triangular shape using Pen Tool (P)
3)    Create 8x8px rectangle using Rectangle Tool (M)
4)    Follow second steps or duplicate second step shape by Ctrl+D (copy) and Cntrl+F (Duplicate). Rotate the shape by Right Click > Transform > Reflect, click Vertical option, and hit OK.  
5)    Duplicate shape in step 1.
6)    Duplicate step 3.
After finishing all six steps. It resulted this. You can select any colors that you like and make sure you remove stroke color.



To make realistic folds effect, Duplicate all layers by selecting all shapes that you created by Ctrl+D ( copy ) and Cntrl+F ( Duplicate). Do not group all the shape. Click shape #1 that you have duplicate and apply shadows.  To apply shadow click Gradient Icon on the right side toolbar and follow all options below. Then change the blending option in Transparency to Multiply.

Next, Select all top shapes and merge it in one shape by clicking Pathfinder or Shift+Ctrl+F9. Unite the shape and duplicate that shape. Apply shadow by clicking Gradient Icon.

Finally, follow all steps below for finishing touch.  Take note that the shadow on the right side (28x8px) used the same setup as shape #1. 

And there you have it! Retro Folded Typography. Just only four steps you can make one easy alphabet. For another alphabet reference, you can look to this post Retro Folded Typography. That’s all from me! Cheerio

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Retro Folded Typography

Assalamualaikum and greetings my fellow readers and friends. So its October...and I think it is still early to say welcome to October and goodbye to September. May the new month give us a lot of 'rezeki' from Allah.

Without further ado, I would like to present my latest artwork.

Actually, This design is widely used by many designers and I feel that , I want to share in all about this. After some research in the internet, tutorial about retro folded typography in Illustrator can't be found. Only tutorial using Photoshop available in the internet.

Full Alphabets

I plan to make a new tutorial about retro folded typography using Illustrator. As usual, it takes time. Maybe I will finish the tutorial before November. :)

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Tuesday, October 01, 2013

Which one is you? Executive or Salary Man.

Assalamualaikum. While waiting 'someone' to call me for 'future journey'. I produce very simple artwork. The concept that I used in this design is erm.. random.. hahaha.

so. i proudly presents to you !

The Executive By QJ arts

The Salary Man by QJ Arts

So..which one is you? or.. are you student? or just graduated?