Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Pre Graduation Dinner. Design and Concept.

Assalam and Good all readers whether inside or outside Malaysia. It has been a while..

1 month never type any single word here. Im sorry to all readers who still eagerly waiting for my new post. ( ceyhh ) Dont worry.. I'll never ever disappointing all of you.... krik krik krik

ok..back to the main topic. 7 June 2013 will be the day to all last semester students celebrating their life in university before exposing more toughest life. Pre-Graduation Dinner. The name that is too mainstream to all final year students.

Yeah..its too mainstream but.. still, it will be memorable moment for me as final year students.

Like previous entry , I've just been selected to be one of the committee for the event. As usual, I've been chosen to design banner, poster and streamer for the programs. 



U know what? Maybe these are the last contribution from me after 2 years become a team member in organising event in uitm.