Sunday, December 01, 2013

Swapped Logos Concept

Greetings Human! How are you? Happy weekend everyone. As you know today is beginning of the last months in Georgian calendar. Yeah. Its December lads! and there is only one month to 1st Anniversary of QJARTSNETWORK .HOORAYYY!! Back to the topic. I have kind of interest to the new concept design by Mr Fabio Di Corleto. Its about Swapped Logos. Actually if you want know, he used various logo branding especially social platforms apps logo and swapped it one to another. I think it is very creative idea and I never think of that! So, lets take a look ! 

This photo has been licensed for attribution , non-derivatives and non-commercial only. For more information contact fabiodicorleto.

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Can you guess origin all of these logos? Let me know in the comment box below :)