Thursday, December 05, 2013

Artwork : Pendekar ( The Malay Warrior )

Hello guys. It's been a while I'm not updating any new doodle artwork. So here there is. Actually, I got this inspiration after designing calendar card proposal for PSSGM.

I shall call this doodle as PENDEKAR! Yes. Pendekar stance for Malay warrior. It also refers to the warrior who have Silat ( Malay Martial Arts) knowledge and also you can called them as HERO MELAYU la... during Parameswara or Old Sultan2 time.

pahlawan melayu, pahlawan silat, silat

I wish I can add his beard and moustache to make him more fierceful ( Im not sure whether this word have in dictionary. LOL ) .  SO THATS ALL! Chheriooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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