Saturday, October 26, 2013

Realistic Pokemon Pokeball Concept By Jonathanjo

Happy weekend everyone. It's been a while. I wanna talk about my childhood story. Everyone has their own cartoon interest. For example.. Ultraman, power rangers erm.. Digimon and so on. For me, the best cartoon that I love the most is Pokémon. Why? It is because.. I learned so much friendship value in this cartoon. And I have to admit that I still watch Pokémon series.. haha

So back to the topic, I really 'shazamed' with the artwork that Jonathanjo produced. It was like, Pokémon really do exist in this world. These are some artwork that he did. :)

Interesting. Isn't ? He has done a really good job in manipulating poke-ball with Pokémon. I think he should continue this awesome concept. For more, artwork update and shop you can visit the links below :

Deviantart :
Facebook Page :
Store/Boutique :

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So that's all from me. Cheerio!