Saturday, July 26, 2014

Raya E-Card. New Generation Tradition.

Hello peeps. It has been a loooong loong time. Too bz with my current work, I dont have enough time to update new post in this blog.

Aidilfitri, 2 days to go. Everybody busy with baking, cleaning up the house, buying new raya cloth and make a wish in social media. Since the existing of social media website,  they are plenty of E-card produced by various type of 'designer'.

 photo anigif_zps3b371348.gif 

 For me,  I more prefer to use social media as a medium to make a wish especially during eid festive season. 

2012 Aidilfitri Wish

2013 Aidilfitri Wish
It's like new generation tradition nowadays. But still there are some people still using traditional way by sending kad raya to everyone. TRADITIONAL WAY NEVER FADE AWAY ! :D.

Happy EID MUBARAK Everyone!