Wednesday, February 12, 2014

9 Creative and Outstanding CV or Resume that you must look! (part 2)

First article of the month. luckily I still have time to update my blog. By the way, this is the first anniversary of QJARTSNETWORK.COM [ applause background with big and thunderous clap ] one cares.................

so back to the topic. Before this, I have posted 10 Resume Creative Yang Boleh Membuatkan Anda Ternganga dan Terpegun. So basically it is about the compilation of 10 attractive and creative CV. This type of CV is widely used by graphic designer around the world. It is one of the ways, how they promote themselves to everyone and also to apply graphic designer vacancy.

In this article, I would like to share some of the oustanding and creative CV to you. Be amazed ! :) Maybe you will get some idea to design your own CV :)

source : Errol Veloso Behance
Ryan Eccleston Behance
Chen Zhi Liang Behance
Tania Bakkes Behance
Jenhelle Escueta Behance
Rhys Ashaman Behance
Corwin Harrel Behance
Robx Bautista Behance
Simone Luce Behance