Saturday, September 21, 2013

Doodling Makes Me Feel Better

Happy Weekend everyone! Assalamualaikum ! Im back with the new entry. Its little bit about history but for me it is important for those who love making doodles whether using Adobe Photoshop or Adobe Illustrator. ( Paint Tool SAI can be included as well ). I think, I'm not professional enough to tell about tips to designing doodles but with this entry, I hope all readers who love doodling can be motivated.

It started in the year 2011. One of the blogger in Rakan Blogger Klik1Malaysia posted doodles representing almost every one of blogger who active in this group. It attracted me and somehow, suddenly I used my skills and knowledge in adobe photoshop to design my own doodle. As usual it takes more time to design precisely according to what you want in that doodles. So, as a result I've come out with this doodles..

2011 Doodles

As usual, Im never satisfied with my own artwork. I feel that this doodle is very messy, poor used of pen tools and too much using brushes. ( I need to comment my own artwork ) . But this is my turning point to design much better doodles. To improve my design skills, I try to look another doodles design for my inspiration. And finally I managed to come out with this design. ( It took more than 1 year to produce this result )

2012 Doodles
Still using the same shoes and pants, but different shirt. But can you see the differences? I have no intention to brag. But this is reality, if you want to improve your artwork, u need to learn and continuously learn. AND YET. Im still not satisfied with this.

Ok.. thats it. Sorry for the bad English. I will continue my story in the next entry ... THE SAGA CONTINUOUS